Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November by the Numbers

Another full month with so much to be thankful for. I can't believe we are on the brink of December.

ONE broken bone for Tanner.

TWO books read (The Last Child and Sizzling 16)

THREE new albums purchased (Sugarland, Glee Christmas, and Keith Urban)

SEVEN Dr. appts. for various family members...mostly Tanner.

EIGHT soccer games played between Tanner, Carter and Garrett.

NINE months of "By the Numbers" posts created...love this blog post each month.

ELEVEN layouts created

THIRTY TWO family members gathered together for Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma's.

TWENTY FIVE cards created for friends/birthdays/adopted Grandparents.

TWENTY SIX days until Christmas...wahoooo!

THIRTY photos taken for my Photo a Day album. one month to go.

THIRTY FIVE blogs posts for one month...new record for sure!

EIGHTY NINE homemade rolls...made with love by Mom.

ONE HUNDRED AND TWELVE Christmas cards prepped for an Old Folks home.


Michelle said...

You are really good if you've already completed December! ;) Hope you are doing well.

Raimi said...

oh my word...I need to go to bed. Good catch, Michelle :-)!

katie said...

89 rolls? Holy cow!