Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gratitude on Wednesday

{A huge thank you to Sylvia for the photo :-)}

Today I am grateful for all of these lovely ladies(not all of my GT lovelies are pictured). I am so lucky to know each of lucky to have them in my life. John, Garrett and I were running errands tonight and Green Tangerines was on our list. It is so fun to walk through the doors and feel that instant love and connection with my little GT family. It is kind of the CHEERS in the scrapbooking world for me. I am thankful for each an every one of them.
p.s. I think John was very thankful that Ken was in town :-) and that Crosby was there to hang out with :-).


brandi said...

We are greatful for you too, you always make my day happier at GT your sweetness is always rubbing off on people when you are here with us, I love that