Friday, June 18, 2010

darling Etsy find

I just have to share this darling Etsy shop with you! I was blog hopping one evening and entered a give away. The prize that evening happened to be a Happy List Taker from knitty bitties. Guess what??? I won!!! Can you believe that??? I am on a roll! I was so excited. I love little handmade items & this darling Etsy shop is right up my alley.

My prize arrived in yesterdays mail. Before I even got to my my list taker, this is what I pulled out of the envelope!

Even the packaging of my prize was cute. It is all about the little details for me!

Check out my darling list taker.

I LOVE it! I am already putting it to good use. I have my grocery list going. A list of scrapbook supplies that I need to pick up and my To Do list. I am a busy girl. I figure if I have to make lists, I might as well do it in a cute notebook :-). My Happy List Taker came with a note pad and a fun little green pen. I love that I can replace my notepad when I've used the original one up.

Please stop by and check out Andrea's wonderful work at Knitty Bitties. I have decided I want one of each item. I am thinking I need to wait until after Father's Day to shop for myself :-).

Thanks again, Andrea! I love my Happy List Taker.


My 5 Monkeys(Julie) said...

oh beautiful prize pack

Meridee said...

You are such a lucky stinker. That is cute, enjoy.

Annie said...

super cute! i am a list girl, so that would make my list making stylish! you are indeed lucky. i have been trying to follow in your footsteps, not working out so well! but you have to at least enter, right?! one day i will win too:)

Andrea said...

Thanks for the sweet post :). I'm so happy you won it ... giveaways are the best!

I also love all your scrapbook inspiration! I used to scrapbook before I fell head over heels for sewing. Now I just stare at my scrapbooking stuff and wish for a day of scrapping :).

Happy Day!