Thursday, June 3, 2010


Today was the last day of school. I am experiencing a roller coaster of emotions...very bittersweet. I have always looked forward to summer vacation and its perks since I was a little girl. The thought of being carefree...the lack of schedules, no homework or reports to complete, sleeping in and not having to make sack lunches on a daily basis really makes me smile as the Mommy :-). There was an all school assembly this morning. I lost it(tears and all) when I turned around and started to see individual classrooms, entering the quad with their teachers. When you are blessed with wonderful teachers and friends for your children, it is really hard to say goodbye and move on.

This school year has been amazing. The boys have loved every minute of it. They have grown so much. Not just academically but physically and emotionally. Tanner made the honor roll again with straight A's. Carter reached (or surpassed) many of the goals that he set for himself. Garrett worked so hard and made HUGE progress in all areas of kindergarten. We are so proud of each of them. This was a big day for our family. Tanner finished elementary school and is excited at the thought of attending middle school. Garrett graduated from kindergarten and will enter 1st grade this August. I am constantly asking myself how we got to this point. I swear Tanner just started kindergarten yesterday. Their little lives are flashing right before me and I really want it to least for a moment.

We had a great last day of school. We enjoyed a kindergarten picnic with friends,getting yearbooks signed,saying goodbye to special friends and teachers,Popsicles and a swim party.

I am excited at the thought of not having to set my alarm tonight as I crawl into bed. YAY for summer vacation and alarm free snoozes! Happy Summer!


mer said...

what an amazing bunch of boys you have! must be the hard work of their wonderful parents :) happy summertime to everyone... very bittersweet though!

Morgan said...

Is there a separate school for middle school in Roseville? What grades are officially middle school? We just have a K-8 here in Penryn - one class per grade - that is how small we are!

Kerrie said...

LOve love love not having an alarm clock! It sounds like you live in a very great place. I feel the same about where we live. There are some teachers I don't want to say goodbye to.

katie said...

Great pictures Raimi! Tanner in middle school!!! Yikes. School ended here thursday and Erin was bawling her eyes out. Apparently all of third grade was a mess, teachers included. Love the teachers we had this year!
Enjoy the summer!

Jyll said...

So far our week 1 of summer break has been great! And like you, I have bittersweet moments of school ending. I love not having a schedule and being able to do some fun stuff...even with a toddler in tow. Your kids are so adorable and you have every right to be so proud of them!

erin said...

It goes too quickly. Last year Jack started middle-school. I was a nervous wreck, but shouldn't have been. He handled it in stride (just like elementary) and came home with even more friends. Tanner will do the same & you will love this fun older stage too! Happy summer!