Thursday, June 24, 2010

{6 cents}

Look what I picked up for just 6 cents.

Yes, you read that right...when all was said and done, I paid 6 cents.

Here's what I picked up.
2 bottles of Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen
3 bags of Double Bubble gum(my boys love this stuff)
2 boxes of Stove Top stuffing
1 box of thumb tacks (not on sale, just needed them to hang 4th of July stars)

So here's how it worked.
After my ECB's(Extra Care Bucks) and manufacturer coupons, my total at the register was $10.06.

When you buy 2 bottle of Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen at CVS this week, you receive $10.00 in ECB's. ECB's are like money at CVS. I can then turn around and spend them on anything in the store.

It has been a great week in the world of coupon shopping. Earlier this week, I picked up two big boxes of Huggies(60 count). They were on sale for $19.99. When all was said and done(ECB's & manufacturer coupons), I was paid $2.00 to take the boxes out of the store. I was able to do this deal twice :-). I love getting diapers for free. I am hoping these are the last boxes of diapers I will have to purchase in my parenting career...wish me luck!


Debby said...

WOW! Raimi, you are an amazing shopper! You continue to amaze me with the deals that you get. That is just awesome! [I am ashamed to admit, that I just don't have the patience :-(

katie said...

Awesome! My kids would LOVE all the gum!

lorelie said...

That's just unbelievable! Do I have a CVS here, I wonder? I wanted to buy some of that sunscreen anyway =]