Friday, January 24, 2014

Hot Shots basketball

Hot Shots basketball season is in full swing. All 4 of our boys are playing, again. You can pretty much find us on the courts every Friday night/Saturday morning for games  and on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings for practices. John is coaching Carter and Brody's teams. He is in heaven. This is his sport and he is thrilled that his boys love it, too!
Here are  few pictures of  the littles. Brody is # 3 and tears it up on the court. He runs and runs and runs some more! He knows how to play defense and I love watching him do so. He has a great shot and he is also really good about passing to his teammates.
The blurry action shots are my favorite right now. You can see/feel  through the photo how fast they are moving!

Garrett is sporting #14 this season! It was all about the Kevin Durant neon basketball shoes this year. Garrett is fast and is playing point guard. He landed on a team with some of his old Select soccer team buddies and is loving it!