Friday, January 3, 2014


Happy 15th birthday to Tanner.
As we were celebrating, eating birthday cake Tanner and telling him what we loved about him, something dawned on us. In one short  year, Tanner will be able to drive. He will be able to date(double date). He will also need to have his Eagle Scout Award completed. We are seriously hoping that this is one of the longest year of our lives. We are not rushing any of those things except maybe the Eagle award!
Birthday highlights:
His bedroom door was decorated and filled with the things he loves. Okay, so maybe he did not love the new church socks... but they were needed.
He played some football at the park with friends and called it The Tanner Bowl.
We tried to tell him that we had bought him two 50 lb. puppies for is birthday and that was all he was getting. The puppies were actually on loan while we watched them for our friends.
Presents. I think his favorite was the gift card to Best Buy so he could get the headphones he wanted.

Dinner at Costa Vida...his pick. Someone told him to live outside the box and pick something different. I am glad he picks what he likes. After all, it is HIS day and not theirs!

  We ended the night with cake, ice cream and the Happy Birthday song! Super FUN!