Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The actual birthday

Today is the day! Brody is officially 6 years old. We started his day(tradition) with doughnuts and the opening of his birthday gifts. He was up at the crack of dawn, ready to celebrate!

 He found his bedroom door loaded with fun treats and surprises.

He headed to school. He got to wear the birthday crown and be the line leader. He took 2 dozen plus 2 doughnuts to share with his friends and teachers.

After school, I picked up Brody and his pal, Sam. Brody wanted to go to McDonald's for lunch and so we did! They had fun playing in/on the new play structure.

His birthday evening was filled with two baseball games. One of his own and Carter Padres team had a game. He was thrilled to have a hot dog meal deal for his birthday dinner. He is always an easy guy to please...especially at the ball park.  After the ball games. we had cake and ice cream at home and celebrated Brody!

Happy 6th Birthday! We sure do love you!


katie said...

Happy Birthday Brody! You all are so great....handsome boys!