Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The month of April flew by...seriously! I blinked twice and here we are, into the 2nd week of May! Crazy!!!I received a text from my friend Free saying I needed to post on my blog :). I can't let April totally pass by without some photos/highlights.

I have slacked on my What I Wore on Sunday posts. Here is what I wore on a random Friday! How's that? Loving this simple outfit. Shirt was on clearance for $8.00 at New York and Company. Boyfriend jeans from Nordstrom Rack. Shoes from TJ Max and my darling necklace from my friend, Amy for my birthday last year! Not pictured... my darling red Nine West purse that completes this outfit!

This cute boy got to go and do Temple baptisms with our youth group at the Sacramento Temple. You have to be 12 years old to do so...this was his first trip! He is growing up way too fast!

Spring soccer. John thought it would be fun to sign Tanner up for spring soccer. It has been more of a hassle...Tanner(pictured with the ball in the black, white, red jersey) is just so busy with other, volleyball, umpiring baseball, etc..

Garrett earned a few more Scot awards at the April Pack meeting. We are thankful for his great Scout leaders who have kept him on track.

Tanner played volleyball for his school for the first time! He did a great job. He has a wicked serve. He loved it and hopes to play in high school.

Garrett loves to play catcher. He is awesome at it...word on the baseball field is that he is already being scouted by the Major coaches for next season :).

 Kruppy(Carter) went yard...first home run of the 2013season for him. He was so excited and so were we.

 And so were Garrett's teammates. They were playing on the field behind Carter's team, at the same time. They heard the excitement when Carter hit the home run, they ran right over and were hoping to see him hit another home run at his next at bat. It was very cute to see them all lined up on the fence. That is Garrett, #7 on the end and you can see Carter up at bat, #9.

We celebrated John's 45th birthday! 45??? I am married to an old man...just teasing! We had fun spoiling him. Birthday gifts, donuts, ball games, family dinner at Costa Vida. I took some cute shots of our family and John with his siblings and for some reason they won't load to my camera. I seriously  think this is why I didn't blog in the month of April. I was so bummed about the photos. I can see them on my camera screen so I am hoping the camera shop can help me. None the less, he had a great day and we loved spoiling him.

It was fun to have my brother and his soon to be wife, Gina here for Conference! We watched General Conference, ate lots of yummy food and the boys convinced them to jump on the trampoline with them! So fun!

 This cute boy was the latest winner of Great Grandma Shores Mercury draw. She sent him ten, $1.00 bills. He was so happy, running around the kitchen. He acted like he had just won a million dollars! It was so cute! My Grandma is adorable and so FUN!

 Flex break - LOL! I have been reading a couple of weight loss blogs and these girls take SO many photos of themselves taking Flex Breaks at the gym. I guess I thought I needed one during my treadmill time :).

 April means strawberries from the fields. I love where we live. We have 3 strawberry stands within a mile and half from our house! YUM! This was the first purchase of the season!

I am loving my brand new Kitchen Aid. I am baking like crazy. This was the first thing I made...honey wheat bread. I was happy it actually rose and did what it was supposed too! You know it has turned  out good when the boys gobble it up!

I am hoping to get back on track with the blog posts. I really do miss it! Our family loves reading old posts and remembering all of the fun and life experiences we have enjoyed! 

Is anyone still out there reading this???


Shelly said...

Yes :) I enjoy your fun blog. :)

Morgan said...

I read it! So what fitness blogs do you read, and what honey wheat bread recipe did you use? I LOVE my KitchenAid and am constantly grateful for it.

katie said...

I still love your blog. I need to get back on track with mine! Miss you!