Friday, April 26, 2013

City by the Bay

John surprised all of us with Giants tickets date night in the city by the Bay. We waited for the boys to get home from school. We told them, one by one, that we were heading to San Francisco. Once the city by the bay was mentioned, they immediately knew where we were headed.

The game fell at the end of the week that the  Boston marathon bombings occurred. Security at the gates made for long lines. We made it inside the park just in time to hear the Star Spangled Banner. Goose bumps...every single time! Our seats were in our usual favorite spot...the upper deck. We love sitting up here so we can see the happenings on the bay at the same time. 

Tonight, it was our World Series Champions  vs. The San Diego Padres. 
Here are a few highlights :).

 The boys after the win. Nothing like a walk off to win a tied ball game! So much FUN!

Time for a family photo while we wait for the firework show!

The firework show was amazing! They were set off over the Bay. The music(Don't Stop Believing, California 37, We are the champions, etc...) was loud and fun... a great way to end our night at AT&T park!

The boys are making plans to go yesterday!