Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tacky Christmas Sweater Party

Tonight was the 2nd annual (for the Roseville friends) Tacky Christmas Sweater Party. My friend, Amanda has been hosting this party for years. We are happy that she brought the fun out to the West Coast.

Some of the details that contribute to the perfect Tacky Christmas Sweater party are:

Name tags and a tacky gift bow for your hair.

Dinner at the food court at your local mall.

A (re-gifted) gift exchange. It has to be something that you have been given but knew you would never use.

Lots of photos with your  friends who are also wearing their best tacky sweater.

Cupcakes that were frosted with hot pink frosting. YUM!

I do have to mention that I won 2nd place for my Tacky Sweater. I received 2nd place because I had mentioned that I was so cheap. I didn't even buy a sweater, I bought a t-shirt that has the sweater vest on it!
Tina took 1st place and Jessica took 3rd place for her puff paint work of art.

I am already on the hunt for next years sweater. Gotta take that 1st place prize.