Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kindergarten Winter Performance

Tonight was the night! Brody and his classmates have been practicing for this special performance/evening  for months. They learned the songs, the dance moves and movements to go with each song.

Brody knew all of the words and movements for each song. Unlike his Mama, he has no fear when it comes to performing. My Mom said I stared out one of the side doors during the entire performance and didn't sing a single word when my kindergarten class had our holiday performance(many years ago, back in the day). Brody sang his little heart out. It was adorable. All of those kindergartners looked so cute and sweet!

Brody and his buddy, Sam even had speaking parts! They introduced their class and the song their class would be performing. They nailed it! Way to go, boys!

They were the cutest Frosty the Snowmen I have ever seen!