Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Color Run 2012

Who new running through town in a white t-shirt could/would be so much fun??? I signed up to run the 5k Color Run downtown Sacramento with my friend Meredith and Nicole, a new friend.We had so much fun! Even the color in our mouth could not keep us from smiling! There were 15,000 (plus) runners at this event. Considering the mass amount of people, it was very well run! We ran through Old Sac and  up and over the freeway and looped back around through the neighborhoods. Every 1/2 mile or so, we would run through a color new white($5.00 t-shirt from Ross)t-shirt was no longer pristine white. Rather, it looked like a tie dyed rainbow shirt. We ran through orange, yellow, green, blue and pink color stations. It was crazy and beautiful. Once we crossed the finish line, we made out way down to the Color Party. There was a big crowd and a DJ. Every so often they would do a countdown and that is when you would release your color packet(you received one in your race packet). It was crazy and a beautiful sea of colors! Seriously, so much fun! If you ever have a chance to run the The Color Run, DO IT!!! You will smile and giggle the entire time. This is a perfect race for newbies too. You can walk or run it, it was not for was for FUN! I sure hope they make it back to Sacramento soon. My entire family wants to do it with me next time. Here are some of the highlights from our Color Run, via photos(some are mine and some are from Mer).

Pre-run photos! Me, Mer and Nicole!

The start of our run. They let us go in waves, too many runners to go all go at once!

The 1st signs of color! YAY! People were releasing their color packs at the start of the run instead of the end! It made for a fun, colorful start!
The 1st signs of color! YAY! People were releasing their color packs at the start of the run instead of the end!

Here are a few of the Color Stations!

Here we are after our Color Run...those white t-shirts and tanks are no longer white :-).
Dance Party at the finish line. Good music, fun friends and lots of COLOR!

I wish you all could have witnessed the stares I got as I drove home. F-U-N-N-Y!
MMMMMMMMM, I wonder why????


mer said...

so much fun!!! thank you for doing this with me... i'm looking forward to doing the run again next year. love you! :)