Friday, August 31, 2012

August by the numbers

ZERO. cavities for Tanner and Carter at their dentist appt. this month! YAY!!!!!
TWO.  books read (True Colors and The Survivors Club)
THREE (3rd). the grade Garrett is in this year!
FIVE. soccer games(tournaments only...the calm before the storm).
SIX. (6th) the grade Carter is in this year.
SEVEN a. blog posts recorded  this month.
SEVEN. days of Summer vacation left.
EIGHT. (8th) the grade Tanner is in this year.
NINE. layouts completed.
THIRTY ONE. Fit Club classes attended( I have added Saturdays, too)
FIFTEEN THOUSAND.  runners/walkers at the Sacramento Color Run.


katie said...

You are awesome. That's all.