Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May highlights

The month of May zipped right on by...still not sure where it went??? Here are some of the highlights from our month. Garrett gets his braces on and so begins the many Ortho appointments. He has been a trooper. Baseball season continues to occupy our lives...we wouldn't have it any other way! Kruppy on the mound We celebrated and appreciated the boys teachers for an entire week. This is what we gave to them on one of the days! Such a fun tradition for the teachers who deserve it ALL! My Mom, Dad, John, Tanner and I had the chance to perform the Temple work for my Dad's parents, Grandparents and Great Grandparents(who weren't members of the church)at the Sacramento Temple. This day has been vividly etched in my mind and will go down as one of the highlights for my 2012. The spirit was so strong. It was an amazing experience and one we have waited to perform for awhile now. Mother's Day was wonderful! I was spoiled from "Son" up to "son" down. I was even able to squeeze in a 3 hour nap...beyond heavenly! The handmade cards, thoughtful presents, flowers and the Icing on the Cupcake were perfect! I loved it ALL! This little man turned 5!!! 5 years old. Can you believe it??? We celebrated by waking up to a decorated bedroom door(filled with surprises), having doughnuts for breakfast, taking treats to school, lunch at Chick Fil A with his best friend(Sam),opening presents, birthday dinner, cake and ice cream, and going around the table sharing what we love about Brody! It was such a fun day! We wrapped up all of the school projects that all seem to be due in May, all at once. Here is Carter with his state report. He learned all about the state of Georgia. We even made a peach cobbler to share with his class, it I had been waiting and waiting for the release of John Mayer's new album. It was supposed to be released back in October 2011(just in time for my 37th birthday). Due to some throat issues/surgery for JM, it was delayed. I am happy to report that for one of my Mother's Day presents, my John, pre-ordered the album for me. I have been listening to it non-stop. It definitely has a different(70's)vibe to it but I LOVE it! Brody graduated from preschool. After 2 years of learning and growing at Laugh and Learn preschool, he is ready to move on and go to kindergarten. Again, we can't believe we have reached this point in life! I am wanting time to slow down, just a bit! I am still working out every morning at Fitness MD. I started attending the cardio class back in January! I added that 30 minute class to the hour class I was already attending on a daily basis. It is hard work but I am seeing and feeling the results. I ran my 1.5 mi. Cardio run at assessments in 11 minutes. My time has improved tremendously over the last year and that make me happy! We attended the boys, back to School nights! Their classrooms were fun and colorful, filled with the things they were super proud to show us! We enjoyed a fun day at Folsom Lake on Memorial Day. We told ourselves last year that we wouldn't find ourselves sitting at home on Memorial Day in 2012! We were true to our word and headed for the lake. We met up with our friends the Waites and had a blast. I think we may have a new tradition. Garrett performed in the 2nd grade Life Cycle play. All he talked about was how they were going to be wearing their sunglasses. He was one of the snakes and did a great job(he is the blondie to the right.) Carter's Major Padres Little League team went 20-0 for the season. WOW!!!!! They took the entire season and dominated. They are now gearing up for TOC's and are super excited about that. Whew!!! I am exhasuted just reliving our month through blogging. It was a busy month, filled with the things and people we love. We can't wait to see what is in store for us during the month of June! I am already hanging on for dear life :-).