Sunday, December 11, 2011

tacky at its finest

My friend, Amanda hosted her 4th annual Tacky Christmas Sweater party tonight. You had to come dressed in your tackiest Christmas attire. So I don't own tacky Christmas attire. I knew I had to find something good to wear to the party. Can you believe that I didn't have any luck finding anything at Goodwill?? There wsa not a tacky sweater to be found in the entire store so I moved onto Wal*Mart. I scored big time at Wal*Mart. Not only did I find a sweater but I found a turtleneck, earrings, bracelet and socks :-). I think the $2.00 Christmas tree earrings were my favorite.

To add to the tackiness, the party was held at the mall food court. I am not sure what was harder, purchasing my tacky Christmas attire from Wal*Mart or walking through the mall in the above mentioned tacky attire to get to the food court. Our only goal once we hit the inside of the mall was to not make eye contact with anyone :-). It was a hoot to watch each of the tacky party go'ers arrive. Up first, Jurusha!

We had a fun gift exchange and the packages were even wrapped tacky. Duct tape, packing tape, name it. The gift that you brought had to be one that was re-gifted. We played the stealing game and I lost this Christmas tree to Jane.

This was such a fun evening out...once I got over being in public in my Christmas sweater. I am already dreaming of my outfit for next year!


Laurie said...

What a riot! I bet you had a blast!!!!!