Monday, December 12, 2011

F.H.E.- December style

Our family enjoys doing a little something together each Monday night. It is called Family Home Evening. We set aside some time each week. On Monday nights, we gather together as a family. Sometimes we have lessons. Sometimes we play games. Sometimes we go to the movies. Sometimes we go out for treats. Sometimes we have a family council meeting. The point is, whatever we do, we do it together. Sometimes we get together with other families to enjoy F.H.E. with them. Tonight, we went to the Christmas light street(s)in Rocklin. This neighborhood is amazing! Each house has a theme(nativity, Cars,Calvin and Hobbs,snowmen, The Polar Express, etc...)set up in their yard. The street is totally decked out. We always check out this neighborhood display, from the comfort and warmth of our car. There is always hot chocolate in every one's hand and the heater is blasting. Each year, we say that we will walk the loop. Well, this year was the year. We met up with some of our favorite friends and walked the loop. We ooooooohed and awwwwwwed at the displays. I think the Christmas Vacation display took the 1st place prize this year. There was an actual RV in the yard with a life sized Chevy Chase cut out. It was funny. Between all of the families, we had 26 children in tow. That's a lot of kids. They sure had a great time.

I think we have a new Christmas tradition.


Raejean said...

I was thinking of it when we walked through a similar neighborhood near my daughter's house. We would walk that loop every Christmas.