Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November by the Numbers

Oh my! I can't believe we are on the brink of the Christmas season! WOW! This will be the 11 month documented, by the numbers style. I love looking back at our month and jotting it down with numbers. Here is what we have been up to this month.

ONE a. One is for the 1st place title at Fitness MD for the November assessments. I lost 17 lbs. in the 6 wks. between assessments.
ONE b. book read(Lethal).
ONE c. minute and 26 seconds shaved off of my timed 1.5 mile run at Fitness MD.
TWO weddings/receptions attended/celebrated this month(Chris and Megan & Ashley & Brady). We are so happy for both couples.
THREE new Christmas Albums purchased(Michael Bubble, GLEE 2 and Justin Bieber)
THREE.ONE miles run during the Turkey Trot.
FOUR new songs purchased from itunes(Run and Come on get Higher by Sugarland and Matt Nathanson, We found Love by Rihanna and Fighter by Christina Aguilera).
FIVE days of Fall Vacation were enjoyed(John even had the week off)
EIGHT layouts completed.
EIGHT B. Tanner scored %100 on eight math tests that were taken in a 2 day proud of him.
TEN blog posts recorded for the month of November.
ELEVEN months documented By The Numbers style.
FOURTEEN goals scored by Tanner during his league season(soccer). He was feeling very lucky since #14 is his jersey #.
SEVENTEEN family members celebrate Thanksgiving together.
TWENTY SEVEN Fit Club classes were attended at Fitness MD. I did a few double days this month.
FORTY EIGHT hour escape for John and I to San Diego.
THREE HUNDRED,FORTY THIRD place is where I came in for the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot(Out of 997 runners).


Meridee said...

I love these posts!