Thursday, November 17, 2011

how fun is that?

So I got home from the library with my boys to find this cute cupcake pinata sitting on my porch! There was a card sitting with the pinata and I instantly recognized the handwriting. There was a note on the envelope that read Happy Birthday...Happy Friend Day...Happy Thanksgiving. How fun is that? Then the note told me to gently shake my pinata over carpet so things wouldn't break. The boys had so much fun helping me get to the items in my pinata. I told them we had to eat our way to the good stuff because it WAS a cupcake!

The pinata was loaded with fun, girly things. The color theme was my favorite...RED. Most of the items in there were red. I loved it all. There was nail polish, gum, a notebook, cookies(choc. chip), a gift card for the movies, fun necklaces, lip gloss, movie tickets and fun socks(polka dot & argyle).

This seriously made me so happy and put the biggest smile on my face! Thank you for sharing your Happy with me, Miss Mer!


mer said...

so glad you enjoyed the treat! you deserve it :) love you!