Monday, September 12, 2011

Coyote of the Week

Carter was selected to be the Coyote of the Week in his classroom. The parents are asked to write a letter that will be read to the class. We sent in photos of Carter from birth up until now, highlighting his life. He was able to sit in the soft, comfy chair all week. At the end of the week, each classmate was asked to write a personal letter to Carter. Those letters were complied into a book that he brought home. It has been fun reading the very thoughtful, kind and funny letters.
Here is the letter we shared with his class.

Dear Ms. H. and the entire class,

It with happiness and a BIG smile on our faces that we write this little note about Carter. Carter was born on March 11, 2001. He was born in San Jose, CA. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, a perfect day to be born. When Carter was born, he had a full head of really dark brown hair. We called him our little Monchhichi. Monchhichis' were these cute little monkeys from a cartoon in the 1980’s. His hair was wild and crazy and perfect for his sweet little face. Everyone was jealous of his hair and long eyelashes. He was a happy baby and so easy to love. He lived in Campbell/San Jose until he was just shy of 2 years of age. We moved to Roseville four days before his 2nd birthday and have lived here ever since.

Carter has 3 brothers, one older(Tanner) and two younger(Garrett and Brody). No sisters. His full name is Carter John Krupp. The John is after his Dad, John. When Carter was a little boy, he would tell everyone that he had the same name as his Daddy. He was so proud to have John as his middle name.

Carter is a good friend to all of those that he comes in contact with. He is kind, caring, friendly, loyal and very thoughtful. Carter loves to play outside. We hardly ever find him playing video games. He would rather be out front playing baseball, riding his bike, throwing a football with his brothers or playing catch. Carter loves dogs and babies. We don’t have any pets but I am guessing that he will have several of his own when he is an adult. Carter is a big helper around the house. Out of our 4 boys, he is the one who never complains and gets his chores done. We LOVE that about him.

Carter loves ALL sports and is very athletic. He loves to play baseball, basketball and soccer. He can give you the play by play details about any sporting event that he has watched. He loves the San Francisco Giants and was so happy when they won the World Series. Carter’s nickname on the baseball field is Coach Krupp or Kruppy. His All Star coach said he would be the 1st player/coach in Little League history. He likes to cheer/coach his teammates on. His nickname on the basketball court is Nas-Car because of his speed. Carter just finished the 9-10 year old baseball All Star season. He played shortstop and pitcher. Carter and his team won the Northern California State title. It was a very exciting season with some very BIG wins. Carter knocked two home runs out of the ballpark during their Championship Title game. It will go down as one of the highlights of our 2011 Summer.

We are so happy that Carter is a part of our family. He has a great smile and a twinkle in his eyes. We are thankful for the example he is to all of us. We hope you all get the chance to know him better this year.

We love you, Carter!

Mom and Dad


mer said...

he does have a twinkle in his eyes ;) love that boy!

katie said...

Congrats Carter!