Saturday, April 30, 2011

April by the numbers

ZERO tolerance/respect for those who can't take responsibility for their words and actions.

ONE Mama bird sitting on her eggs in the tree, in our front yard.

TWO A. minutes were shaved off of my 1.5 mile run/jog at Fitness MD. You have no idea, how proud I am of myself :-).

TWO B. books read (Play Date and Sarah's Key)
THREE fabulous days spent in San Francisco as a family.

TEN blog posts posted.

ELEVEN scrapbook pages completed.

TWELVE weeks and (Round #2)Green Tangerines Biggest Loser Challnege.

LL baseball games were played/attended. Go Padres! Go Owlz!

NINETEEN days/hours spent at Fitness MD, attending Fit Club.

THIRTY SIX eggs colored and ready for the Big Bunny.

FORTY THREE candles on John's birthday cake this year(I am the much younger wife).

SEVENTY ONE See's candy bars sold for Carter's BATTLE (soccer) fundraiser.

SEVENTY TWO miles logged on the treadmill/my neighborhood loop.

ONE HUNDRED,FORTY Mother's Day cards created/delivered for the Girls Camp Fundraiser.


Kristen said...

Woot Woot to #2a. Love it! :)

lorelie said...

You always amaze me!