Wednesday, March 30, 2011

playdate book review

I had the opportunity to review a new book entitled PLAYDATE. This novel is by Thelma Adams. Here is a little synopsis of the book.

Thelma Adams, US Weekly’s film critic since 2000, has now written a funny, sexy and smart debut novel, PLAYDATE, about modern marriage and suburban family life. Already receiving fabulous early praise, PLAYDATE is a contemporary comedy of manners, which opens the door on a world that may exist just down the block or across the supermarket aisle.

Inside their privileged homes, the residents of Encinitas, a quiet San Diego suburb, are not quite what they seem. Lance is a former weatherman, who gave up his job so the family could relocate to Encinitas, where his businesswoman wife, Darlene, could open her newest “Darlene’s Diner” franchise. Happy to be a stay-at-home dad and manager of his daughter’s Girl Scout troop’s cookie distribution, he dotes on his daughter, Belle, practices yoga, and tries to persuade Darlene to have another child. However, Darlene is a workaholic and has little time or patience for the needs of her husband and daughter.

Just down the street are their neighbors, Alec and Wren. Alec, a womanizing businessman, is also the financial backer—and sometimes more—behind Darlene’s expanding restaurant empire. His wife, Wren, is consumed with yoga and tantric sex and is ready to lay down the mat for a quick session with Lance whenever possible. But Wren isn’t the only one in the house who’s preoccupied with the stay-at-home dad. Her babysitter, Julia, has her sights on him, too, and she’s far from discreet about it.

On the opening night of Darlene’s Diner, Belle’s birthday is celebrated as part of the evening’s festivities. However, looming Santa Ana winds threaten to turn brushfires in the direction of Encinitas and the party. As the fires push closer, each couple’s relationship is also in danger of going up in flames as their passions, secrets, and lies ignite the night and force them to examine what’s really important to them. PLAYDATE shows that relationships are complicated and the bonds between families, spouses, and children are never quite what they seem. What happens next door, beyond the hedges, in the romper room and executive office—it’s all as combustible as a quick brushfire on a windy day.

Sassy, witty, and totally engaging, PLAYDATE is an irresistible debut novel.

I give this novel, PLAYDATE a 3(GoodReads rating). While I found the book light hearted and easy to read, I just had a hard time relating to the families/characters. As I have watched the marrieges of a few good friends unravel(due to infidelity) over the last year or two, it just breaks my heart to read about it (even though this novle is fictional). I did however like how the author ended the novel. The choices that Lance made when it all came down to the important things in life, made me happy. I am a firm believer that when you chose to marry someone, it is for forever. While there are bumps in the road, you work at your marriage and don't turn to another for comfort. I also loved how involved Lance was in his daughters life. He was the caregiver, the stay at home Dad. I loved their relationship and wish that type of kindess and love between a Father and Daughter for every young girl.

Thanks to St. Martin’s Press for the opportunity to read an review this novel.
You can find the novel here.

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Christine said...

Sounds like an interesting book, Raimi! I had a father/daughter relationship as a little girl like that: storybook like. :)