Thursday, December 30, 2010

biggest loser...

Green Tangerines style!

First of all, how stinkin' cute is that picture/header? My super talented friend, Mer created it for the Green Tangerines Weight Loss Challenge Blog. She is amazing!

Okay friends, I am so excited about this challenge. Green Tangerines is hosting a 12 week weight loss challenge...perfect for all of our New Year Resolutions, right? It does not matter where you live, anyone and ALL can join in and compete. You just need a scale, a digital camera and some motivation. As a side note, every ones weight will be kept totally confidential with the store owner. There will be weekly prizes, blog posts, recipes and cash prizes for the top 3 winners. You can read all about the challenge and official rules over on the official Green Tangerines Biggest Loser Challenge Blog.

If you are so in on this challenge like I am, head over to the GT Biggest Loser Blog and check it out and leave us a comment!

p.s. you have to actually call the store to register...not hard at all.

p.s.s. yours truly is one of the blog hosts for this challenge. I have participated in something very similar to this and it was F-U-N. So much so, that I lost 25 lbs.. What are you waiting for, check it out!


annie said...

hum....sounds really fun! thanks for letting us know about it! and i agree, we should do nice things for ourselves. what better way!?!

katie said...

Ok, I might be in. Deep breath. I'll let you know.