Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Back Streets Back...alright!

Another fun concert is in the books. My friend Amy found an awesome Groupon  deal for tickets to see the Backstreet Boys. We jumped on it and decided it would be a fun date night. Super glad that I have a husband who is willing to go along for the ride. If you ask him, he will tell you that he had a good time and that he especially liked Avril Lavinge, who opened the show for them. 

We stopped for burgers on our way out to the show and enjoyed visiting. We listened to some BSB on the way to the concert to get us pumped. We got there and could not believe how long the line was to get into the venue. We has never seen the line so long. It was hot, the hottest day to date. We jumped in line and made our way to our seats, which thankfully were in the shade. Amy texted our friend Luseane to let her know we were there. Luseane's son works for the BSB. She told us to meet her after the show and we could say hi to Andrew,( her son) and meet some of the BSB. 

When we met up with Luseane, she told us to meet her after the show and we could go Backstage. So much fun!

We had to get lots of photos.

Avril was good. Wished she had played more of her older songs.

Up next, the BSB!!! The crowd went wild. I don't think I have ever heard so much screaming...and I have been to a lot of concerts -LOL! Those boys still have the moves and were so much fun to watch. It was fun to sing along and dance to their fun music. Not gonna lie, kind of felt like a teeny bopper, like I was 19 years old. Then, reality set in, realizing that I am just months away from turning 40. 

 Here are some fun highlights.

The boys left the stage and the crowd starting chanting "BSB. BSB. BSB!"
And they came back on stage for their encore.  At that point, Luseane came to get us and told us we could go down to the front row. She said she misunderstood Andrew and we could have been down there the whole time. What??? We loved the time we got to
be down there. So close and it was so loud -ha!

After the show, we got to head backstage and hang out. All of the tour buses were lined up and people were coming and going. 

One by one, the BSB were making their way to an after party with fans. It was so cute and very sweet,  they would stop and talk to Luseane and tell her how great her boy was and give her a big hug. We were able to get our pictures taken with a few of them.
Up first:
Howie. How stinkin' cute is he?
He was super nice and friendly. So much fun!

Then we got to meet AJ.

Again, so nice and so cool that we are taking photo with AJ from the BSB. 

Next, Nick came walking by. So cute and so nice. 
After meeting the boys, we got to chat with Andrew for a little bit. Seriously, he is one of the nicest people ever. John and I are huge fans, we love and admire Luseane and the boys she has raised. I hope I can do half the job she has done, with my own boys. I snagged this photo off of Luseane's  FB page( hope she doesn't mind). Some of the nicest people I know. 

Such a fun date night, with Awesome friends and fun music. We agreed that we need to do it again, soon. 

As Sunday morning rolled around, and I had to get up for an early morning meeting, I realized that I  getting too old to stay out so late and that I am not 19 years old anymore.