Thursday, November 7, 2013

Woodcreek Football

Tanner decided that instead of playing high school soccer, he would like to play high school football. We have tried really had to steer our boys away from football. Both of my brothers played football at a young age and there always seemed to be a lot of injuries. We have told the boys that if they wanted to play football, they needed to wait until high school. We were a little nervous for Tanner. Lots of people told him that he wasn't going to get a chance to play because he had never played before. There were plenty of kids who had played for the last several years. . Lets just say, Tanner had plenty of playing time this year and did fairly well. He had the chance to play every single games. Their team was  5-5 for the season. Here are a few highlights.

 Tanner right after he scored his first high school touchdown! Woot - Woot!
There is our #11(in white) working hard.

 This was our last game(and it was at home) of the season. Look at the size of this kid they had Tanner up against. He had about 9 inches on Tanner.

 Brody, Garrett, Tanner and Carter.
These boys loved going to all of the games. Tanner's biggest fans and the frequent patrons at the snack bar.
We loved watching Tanner and the entire freshman team play this season. Tanner is already super excited and pumped up for next season. As one of the coaches was saying a few words to Tanner as we were leaving, he told tanner that he was the rookie of the year. Way to go, Tanner! Way to  go, Woodcreek!


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed watching Tanner play this year. He is so passionate about each sport he plays. He's already planning on attending the BYU football camp to get him on their radar! You did such a great job and you will always be my rookie of the year!!