Friday, November 30, 2012

November by the numbers

ZERO - books read. As soon as my  head hits the pillow, I am out.

ONE - new BIG calling(church job) for me.Meet the new Relief Society President :-).

TWO -  new Chevron print (grey and white) throw pillows sewn by my Mama.

THREE -  new valances made by my Mama for our room(we painted and got new bedding).

THREE.FIVE  - years of serving in the Young Women's program comes to an end.

FOUR - layouts created.

FIVE.FIVE - years of working for Green Tangerines has come to an end. They closed the store this week.

SIX - basketball games were reffed by John.

TEN - I ran my 1st official 10 k this month on Thanksgiving day with my Aunt Carla and my cousin, Kerstin.

TWELVE -  soccer games were played by the boys(all tournaments).

THIRTY -  days of gratitude/photos were recorded via Instagram.

THIRTY ONE - family members gather together at my parents for Thanksgiving dinner.

ONE HUNDRED AND TWO - miles were logged this month(walking,cardio blast and running).

One more month of By the Numbers to be recorded for 2012 and I will have completed another year.