Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Birthday to you

Imagine that being sung with my best singing voice :-) and with lots of love!
p.s. if you really know me, you know that I don't have the best signing voice but I sure love to sing and will do it with lots of enthusiasm.

Today we celebrated John's 44th Birthday! We made today, all about him! He broke his own tradition, no birthday doughnuts for breakfast in his quest for a healthier him. We started his day off with presents. The boys could hardly contain themselves, you would have thought it was one of their birthdays. They were super excited for John to open his presents. We bought him new shoes for his workouts, new workout clothes,a lantern for camping, a new lawn chair for all of the sporting events we attend and a stadium seat for the endless baseball games we attend.

For his birthday dinner, John chose FATS restaurant. He has wanted to eat there since we've moved here(9 yrs. ago). It is an Asian Bistro and he loved it! I can guarantee you that it won't take him another 9 years until his next visit.

On Saturday(the day after his birthday), we met up with the Krupp side of the family and extended his birthday celebration by another day. I am kind of a fan of Birthday weeks instead of one day. We had dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory.

We sang Happy Birthday to John with the entire restaurant and enjoyed yummy cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes. I am not a cake fan but a friend from the gym was raving about their cakes one morning while we were running sprints on the treadmill...can you imagine the torture while exercising :-)? This non-cake loving girl, has a new favorite cake. We all gave the Chocolate-Chocolate Chip bundt cake two thumbs up!

Happy Birthday, John! We love you and are so glad you are a part of our lives! We hope your 44th year of life is fabulous!


Laurie said...

Happy Birthday John!