Tuesday, July 26, 2011

State Games

We have begun our All Star games at the state level. We are traveling to Danville to play against the top 6 teams(including our team) in Nor Cal.. Out of 350 Little League teams, we are down to the final 6 teams. That is something to be proud if. Our 1st game was against Hollister. We ended up winning the game but only by 1 run. Our boys played flat. We have no idea what happened but we needed the win and were super happy when they pulled it off. Up next, we played Fresno. We beat them 14-4. Right on! Those are the All Star boys we know and recognize.

Now we are up to speed/date. Today's game was against Belmont. We had heard from others that this was the team to beat. Let me just say, beat them we did but not without some serious excitement. This was seriously the most exciting game to date. By the time we entered the 5th inning, our team was down 11-1. Yes, you read that right. We were down 11-1. The boys were dropping balls out in the outfield due to the sun setting. They said they could not see the ball until the ball dropped. Belmont loaded their bases a few times due to the balls hit into the outfield. Our little All Stars rallied back and we cheered them on like crazy. By the time we hit the bottom of the 6th inning(our ups), the score was 10-11, we are still down by ONE run. With one out and 2 boys on base, Carter gets up to bat and hits a walk off double. We win the game by one run! Oh my! What a game.

Here is Carter receiving big hugs from Dad after hitting the walk off double.

We loved having our family here to cheer Carter and his team on. Tonight, we had Grandpa Randy, Grandma Sandy, Uncle Brandon, and Uncle Tyson here.

This was such a BIG come back and a HUGE win for the boys. We headed back to the hotel so the boys could swim and enjoy a pizza party. The smiles said it all. Way to go WOODCREEK ALL STARS.

Now we just wait to see who wins the Belmont vs. San Francisco game. We will play the winner on Saturday...can't wait!!!