Wednesday, October 20, 2010

another year older

{photo & cupcake courtesy of my super talented friend, Mer}

My 36th year of life is off to a great start. I was seriously spoiled from sun up to sun down. I was showered with yummy treats(see above cupcake...that was mine), flowers, texts, cards, emails, gift cards, homemade treasures,Facebook messages, photos in my inbox, and gifts. I have been blessed with a wonderful family and some pretty amazing friends. Thank you!
One of the best surprises was the birthday card/love note that I received via snail mail from John. He knows just how much I love happy mail. He timed it just right and it arrived in the mailbox on my birthday. I loved that!

Thank you for making me feel over the top, special!
I am anxious and excited to see what my 36th year of life will bring me.


katie said...

Glad it was a great deserve it!

mer said...

aw... the fact that you included that photo made me smile! you absolutely deserved every moment of being spoiled :) you are an amazing woman and friend and i'm so glad your day was wonderful!!!