Sunday, August 15, 2010

for a flippin' good cause

We had a fun activity with the Young Women this week. We decorated about 15 pairs of flip flops with strips of fabric for young girls and women in Africa. Many of the women in Africa go with out shoes. These flip flops will not only provide protection for their feet, they will help keep their homes cleaner and lets not forget to mention that they are kind of cute :-).

These young women always impress me.

They are super busy girls and yet, are always willing to serve and go the extra mile for those who are less fortunate. As we tied flip flops, it was fun to chat with them about their first day of school. Keep up the good work, girls.


Raejean said...

That is a cute project. It makes me wish I was in Young Women's!

Toni G. said...

I just got called into the YW presidency. I love to look at all of your ideas--keep 'em coming! How did you find out how/where to send flip flops to Africa? It would be a fun activity for my Mia Maids. I am trying to keep my head above water since I am the PTA President this year at Brynn and Jenna's elementary school!

Raimi said...

Hi Toni-
I hope you see this. I wasn't sure how to get a hold of you. A lady in our stake heard about the need for these flip flops. We delivered the finished projects to our local DI, who in turn will get them to Salt Lake. I would maybe call your local DI and see if they have the same humanitarian project/need. It really was the perfect activity. Good luck and let me know what you find out.